Senior Design Team sddec20-10 • Warehouse Inventory Automation

Project Overview

Our team is starting a warehouse automation project. There are several parts to a fully automated warehouse. Our team will be focusing on creating a drone to take inventory. The goal of warehouse automation is to lower error rates and save manpower. We selected to use a drone for our project because we found that 2 drones can do the work of 100 people over the same course of time. This information is from Agron Consulting as found here in this bbc article. As such we believe this is a low cost, practical way to achieve our goal.

The team plans to use the drones to scan shipments and confirm against advanced shipping notices and purchase orders to confirm that the goods coming and leaving are correct and update the database with that information. Currently, the team’s plan is to have 1 operator flying the drone to scan barcodes on the packages. The remote will have live feed for the operator to view and scan barcodes from. The drone will also have built in autonomous features, such as docking itself on our custom built charging station when it is time to recharge.